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On the 11 of October Mr Nilsson gave a presentation on Airpol work at the AVSEC Cargo seminar in Brussels.

The 12 of October Mr Nilsson started the Airpol Expert group on Securing the Airport Community in Edinburgh. The group is looking into best practice regarding policing at European Airports. It will end up in a handbook with action plans.

On the 14 of October Mr Nilsson received the International 9/11 Police Medal at IACP Conference in San Diego. Airpol got at the same time a specific mentioning and a certificate showing the importance for the security work in Europe as a collaboration partner in the World.

Mr Nilsson participated in AVSEC World congress in Kuala Lumpur on the 25 of October and gave a speech on Airpol work on landside security and took part in a panel discussion.

On the 25 of November was Mr Peter Nilsson honoured with the Estonian medal Order of Merit, for cooperation services for the Estonian Police. The ceremony was held in Tartu, Estonia.

In Brussels on the 6 of November Peter Nilsson and Anna Wallinder from the permanent office presented the Airpol work program for 2017 for LEWP. The program was approved.

Mr Nilsson continued the same day to take part in a seminar held by DG Move on Transport Security, Protection of Public Areas.

On the 16 November 2016 Airpol MB met together with representatives from Frontex, Air Border section in Warsaw to discuss common issues within the Air Border Sector. Airpol MB continued with a board meeting on the 17 November.   

Mr Nilsson attended a seminar at CEIS in Paris the 9 December. CEIS is planning a proposal to set up a project as a network for police intelligence agencies.



The Airpol Expert Group Securing the Airport Community had a second meeting in Copenhagen on the 1-2 February.

Mr Nilsson gave a speech on the Airpol work at the TSA PASS summit in Washington, 6-11 February. Other participant from the EU was Carlos Maestre, DG Move and Monica Maglione, DG Home. The 200 participants were from the Aviation sector/industry and mainly from the US.

The Airpol Management Board met in Madrid, 22-23 February. Besides the ordinary issues some discussions around future challenges as well as the topics for the Congress in November were discussed.

Mr Nilsson attended the Frontex Head of operational units meeting in Cascais 6-9 March and gave a presentation on Airpol ongoing work.

On the 14-16 of March the expert group on Securing the Airport Community held its 3rd meeting in Edinburgh. The document is beginning to find its format with an A collaboration part and a B, a police operational part.

Mr Nilsson attended the World Border Security Congress in Casablanca Morocco on the 20-24 of March. The Congress gathered police officers and experts from all over the world. Nilsson gave a speech on the future challenges for the Airport Community and Airpol strategies to meet these challenges.

Mr Nilsson started the Joint Airpol-US Airport Commander Security Group together with Jay Grant, Director for Interportpolice in New York, 3-7 April. The group gathers Airport Commanders from five European cities together with seven Commanders from the US. This group will organize a second meeting in London in early autumn 2017. The aim is to exchange best practice and to further develop some issues within the Airport Policing and Airport Security.

On the 2-4 of May Mr Nilsson took part in the European Airport and Seaport Association (EAASP) meeting in Gibraltar. Mr Nilsson gave a speech on European collaboration in general and especially in Airpol on the last day of the Conference.

The Airpol expert group Securing the Airport Community arranged a sub group on the 9-10 of May in Amsterdam in order to produce the reactive part in the document. Five operational experts took part together with Peter Nilsson and Patricia van Veen from the permanent office. A second meeting will be arranged in London on the 19-20 of June.

On the 9 of May Mr Nilsson started the Training session on Insider/COPPRA in Amsterdam (9-11). Just about 30 participants took part in the session. The session was led by trainers from NL, BE and SE together with TSA, US. Airport Commander Hans Molenaar was there to welcome the participants to Schiphol Airport.

The same training session on Insider/COPPRA was held in Bucharest the week after 16-18 of May with about the same number of participants.

On 10-11 of May the Airpol Management Board met in Amsterdam. The meeting started with a visit to Europol The Hague hosted by deputy director Wil van Gemert. The joint meeting discussed future cooperation. What is first is a co-operation on the intelligence field in the Airpol intelligence expert group. Later on there might also be some operational contacts.

Airpol continued the Board meeting after the visit to Europol and discussed among other topics future challenges for the Airport Community together with the theme for the Airpol Plenary Congress in November.

On the 16 of May Airpol arranged an International Behaviour Detection conference at Radisson BLU Hotel in Brussels. The Conference gathered 65 participants from 23 countries and 10 organizations. The speakers list contained experts from US, Israel, ECAC and countries within the EU. The Conference ended with a panel discussion. The conference was an opportunity to discuss BD, get new contacts and to discuss new co-operation possibilities.

On the 30-31 of May Mr Nilsson took part in the Global Counter Terrorist Forum (GCTF) co-lead by US, Turkey and hosted by the EU Commission, DG Home. The meeting discussed Soft target protection in a wider sense gathering all sorts of targets in the society.


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AIRPOL aims at enhancing the overall security at the European airports and in the civil aviation domain.

AIRPOL wants to create a lasting added value in the prevention of and the fight against crime in the European aviation sector.

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