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News on AIRPOL in the first part of 2016

1.  Operational Heads of Airports Conference

On the 9th of March Peter Nilsson took part in the Operational Heads of Airports Conference in Malaga. Nilsson participated in the meeting on the 2nd day and gave a speech on Airpol including ongoing business. Nilsson also had a meeting with Claudio Kavrecic , Head of Air Border sector at Frontex about future cooperation.

2.  Intelligence Expert Group

On April the 18th Peter Nilsson started the Airpol Expert Group on Intelligence Information sharing in Amsterdam.
More on this group can be found on Working Group Intell Information on our website. This group is primarily mend for participants in this group.
General information will be on this (public) space of our website shortly.

3.  EAASP Meeting

On April 19-20 Peter Nilsson visited the annual European Airports and Seaports Association (EAASP) meeting, this year held in Brugge Belgium.
Nilsson took part in the two day conference and gave a speech on the Airpol organization and aim including ongoing business in Airpol Work groups.

After the Conference in Brügge on the 22nd of April Peter Nilsson attended a meeting with several officials from European Airports together with five Heads/dep Heads of Airport Police from the US and the President for Interportpolice (the international organization for Airport and Seaport Police), Jay Grant

4.  Behaviour Detection Expert Group

On April the 25th Peter Nilsson started the Expert Group on Behaviour detection in Madrid under the lead of the French colleagues.
Their ongoing work can be followed on the secured part of our website for those who have access to this group. Behaviour Detection Working Group
A round-up will be on the public part in due time.

5.  InterPortPolice

On the 26th of April Mr. Jay Grant Director of The InterPortPolice visited Nilsson in Stockholm to discuss a deeper cooperation between Airpol and Interportpolice.
This is the international organization for Airports and Seaports. A preliminary plan was discussed on the further cooperation.   

6.  Tetris

On May the 24th Peter Nilsson, Head of Airpol took part in a seminar on TETRIS. Tetris a project for preventing terrorist attacks on European RAIL traffic.

7. Insiders Threat Seminar at EU Commission

On the 15th of June Peter Nilsson took part in seminar arranged by the EU Commission on Insider Threats and gave a speech on Airpol and especially the work on Insider threats. The seminar gathered both member states officials and organizations as well as the Industry.

8.  InterPortPolice

On the 22nd of August, Peter Nilsson visited EAASP in London together with the Head of UK Airport Commander Group, Paul McDonald, also a member of the MB of Airpol. The aim was to further establish the cooperation between the organizations and to rewrite the Letter of cooperation signed earlier by the organizations.

9.  Preparing the Management Board in Warsaw

On the 14th of September the Permanent office of Airpol had a pre-meeting in Warsaw with representatives from Frontex to discuss possible co-operation and to prepare the joint meeting in November.

10.  Annual UK Airport Police Conference

On the 15th of September Peter Nilsson took part in the Annual UK Airport Police Commander conference in Cardiff. He gave also a short brief on Airpol and the ongoing work.

11.  InterPortPolice

Airpol permanent office met with RAILPOL representatives in Stockholm on the 23rd of September. Discussions were about possible future co-operation and especially joint operations.


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AIRPOL aims at enhancing the overall security at the European airports and in the civil aviation domain.

AIRPOL wants to create a lasting added value in the prevention of and the fight against crime in the European aviation sector.

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