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If you are part of a Law Enforcement unit or Border control agency working at a European airport, you can apply for an account on this website.
You will need a official e-mail address (e.g. @police , @gov , @borderguards , ...) and at least 1 reference point of contact.

We will approve your application, or contact you via an e-mail if we need more information on your application.

Airpol is not about membership but about participation.

Airpol organises congresses and cross border actions on regular bases.
All Law Enforcement Units on European airports can join these activities and take part in the actions.

If you are a registrated user on this website, you will receive an invitation everytime an action or congress is organised.


With the financial support of the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme.
European Commission - Directorate-General Home Affairs.


AIRPOL aims at enhancing the overall security at the European airports and in the civil aviation domain.

AIRPOL wants to create a lasting added value in the prevention of and the fight against crime in the European aviation sector.

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A registered member can login to the website and consult our latest news and upcoming Airpol events.  

Members of law enforcement units or certain EU-agencies can apply for an account. After verification, your account will be activated.

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